Training and development, coaching and mentoring for staff and teams.

Team Development and Facilitation

Selecting, Facilitating and Training Teams

Within established teams, we're often asked to assist with training, mentoring, coaching, team development and team facilitation. This is particularly the case where the performance of a specific individual, team or group is key to an organisation's future success. 

You are likely looking for a step change in the way an individual or group performs or interacts with the wider business, or want to deepen their understanding of, and contribution to, mid and long term objectives. Team development also brings together the practical steps and activities that are needed for a team to reach its potential.

You may also have highlighted individuals who have a big future in your business. Providing independent mentoring at a personal level, or through involvement in our structured training courses, generates traction in areas such as management, project coordination, business strategy, business development and marketing.  As well as creating personal development, these types of initiatives demonstrate an organisation's commitment to staff.

Training Workshops and Coaching

Part of the development of any business is the ongoing training and development of your team members. Shed Light provides an extensive range of business development, sales and marketing training courses and coaching services. 

Training courses are based on many years of practical hands on experience, all brought together in well structured courses that are designed to engage, motivate and enlighten participants.  The objective of every course is to provide skills that can be quickly put into use. Participants in training courses receive course booklets to guide them through the training and practical guides that they can put to use later. 

Course content is often tailored for specific companies so that it matches business requirements, sector specific conditions and any specific systems or processes that you utilise in-house. We can even put together a bespoke course which mixes content from our whole range of content so that it matches with your exact needs.

Examples of just some of the courses offered include:

  • Introduction to Business Development
  • Growing Strategic Client Relationships
  • Business Networking
  • Tendering to win

Business Development and Marketing Training Courses

Assistance with Interviewing and Selection

Need help bringing on board the right people for senior management positions or in key business development, sales and marketing roles? Through some of our most recent projects, we've helped clients interview and select the right people for more than ten senior roles as well as dozens of junior roles. We've also helped to lead and manage teams in the short term while permanent staff are recruited.