New Product Launches and New Service Launches

For business looking to grow

New product launches, new service launches, business growth, business plans, marketing plans

Is your business is thinking of extending it's product line or entering a new location? We are experienced in providing bespoke market research and preparing highly targeted business plans that outline innovative entry channels, the business risks posed and strategies to overcome these challenges. All with a focus on business growth for new service offerings and product launches.

Business Writing, Technical Writing & Marketing Collateral

Creating content when the written word really counts

Business writing, technical writing, new offerings. Content creation online and offline, marketing

Effective written communication is vital for new service offerings and product launches. This could be well written and SEO optimised web content or quality messages for brochures, flyers or sales information. You may also need technical writing in the form of guides, user manuals or help desk notes. 


Generating revenue and brand recognition

New businesses and start ups, incubator, crowd funding, revenue generation, brand recognition, growt

We've worked with quite a few business startups that are aiming high. From running sessions at business incubators to providing strategy and marketing plans to new teams in existing businesses, we believe that putting the right foundation in is critical.

Helping to raise product launch funds via crowd funding campaigns is another area we have experience in. For more tips on how to launch your start-up, read our article titled "5 steps to commercialisation: From great idea to start up success."