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How Shed Light Helps Clients Create Business Success

Creating success for our clients is the focus of everything we do. We start by spending time understanding your business, the environment it operates within and what success looks like to you. One of our core strengths is our ability to quickly assimilate this business context into ideas that shine bright, the types of ideas that can light an organisation's future path. 

Our hands on consulting approach shifts these ideas into business tactics and actions that really work, that can be effectively implemented either by your team or with our assistance. It's this drive to focus on actions that have an impact on business outcomes where we make the key difference. 

Our small team is extremely passionate about providing clients with the attention that is needed to help them meet business goals and create sustainable business growth. And with over 20 years of experience, we have the processes, tools and know-how to make this happen.  Whether you’re pursuing new clients or new markets, landing new projects, launching new products, looking for incremental business improvements or seeking funding sources, we can help make it happen. 

Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, empower your team, and put you on a solid track to success.


Our Business Strategy and Implementation Experience

Richard, our founding Director, thrives on developing win strategies that work.  Clients have included professional service providers and consulting firms, major transport operators, international law firms, high-tech start-ups, health treatment service providers and tourism companies.   

Having previously worked for seven years as a senior manager for a company awarded a Deloitte Fast 50 growth award, Richard knows what it takes to develop high performance teams and generate business growth. And with experience gained in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, the USA and, most recently, China he can help boost locally or develop internationally.  


Why Shed Light?

As well as having great skills to share with people who are running businesses, we believe we stand out because we really care about our clients. We care about what it is they want to achieve. This means we'll use all of our experience and every resource we can to create success. 

Whether you’re an established company looking for greater success and business growth, a family owned business wanting to re-ignite the future, or a start-up with big ideas, we can help you shed light on the path forward.

Please, give us a call if you want to talk through your current business position or the plans you have for its future.

From Tender Strategy to Writing Winning Proposals

A long-term, multi-million dollar winning tender.

A long-term, multi-million dollar winning tender.

A long-term, multi-million dollar winning tender.


A long-term, multi-million dollar winning tender.

A long-term, multi-million dollar winning tender.

Tranzit Group engaged Shed Light to run a one day "Winning Tender Strategy" workshop for directors in preparation for a major contract. Using our highly focused tender analysis methodology, we were able to generate targeted workshop outputs which drew together New Zealand industry insights, client requirements and alignment on the businesses strengths. 

Using these outputs, Tranzit Directors and Shed Light then worked jointly to produce a winning tender that brought in a multi-million dollar, 9+ year contract. Shed Light was then engaged to lead the preparation of an additional major tender for a long term contract, which resulted in another successful outcome, generating further business growth for the company.

Launching a new product to market

Local and International Tech Product Launch

This client had a prototype tech product that was close to going to production. Their technical team had been in place for a while and had reached the stage where they had a working prototype. The only thing missing was the product name, branding and business development strategy. 

Over the long term, Shed Light provided all marketing content, website SEO, technical writing and sales channel development in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the USA, taking the product from zero sales to having users in over 20 countries. If you have a product or service that needs exposing in New Zealand, or across the world, we can help.


Developing and managing client relationships

Client management and business planning session.

Building frameworks for winning new business

A leading international law firm had established some significant goals in relation to bringing on major, new client accounts that would span across a number of offices. A different approach was needed for sharing information, tracking opportunities and utilising dispersed skill sets. 

This short-term project focused on sessions that were designed to maximise internal communication and establish client management approaches for future clients.  

Business Planning and project Implementation

Assistance with scaling up to meet new business requirements

 Successful outcomes on a number of large tenders for a client led to a series of projects aimed at business planning and business improvement.

These projects were in a range of areas throughout the business and included consulting advice and assistance with project management, mentoring and recruitment, and the New Zealand wide training program. Projects have included assistance with interviewing for a new General Manager and Senior Team Members, guiding the delivery of a series of business plans required under the contract, involvement in the preparation and writing of training materials, and mentoring of key staff. 


Commercialisation of Business Opportunities


Innovation Skills Panel: Successful Commercialisation

Callaghan Innovation, in conjunction with regional economic growth agencies, hosted a series of Innovation Skills seminars across New Zealand.  The focus for this round of sessions was Successful Commercialisation, or in other words how do businesses, whether existing or new, take new ideas to market. As one of three on the panel, Richard presented on 5 Steps to Commercialisation

New Marketing Ideas

More Hikers on the wild Great Wall

A tourism company in China needed to find a way to increase the number of Westerners who used their services to explore the less-travelled parts of China, including trips to 'wild' and more secluded sections of the Great Wall. A review of marketing strategies and customer experiences led to a series of new initiatives aimed at growing word-of-mouth referrals and increasing the number of happy customers using social media to share their experiences.  

What Our Clients Say:

 "We needed some techniques to encourage travellers to talk more widely about their experiences with us. Through some simple yet highly effective tools, we managed to achieve our goal. Thank you Richard, great job done."

Hayden Opie, Marketing Manager, Beijing Hikers


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